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These teams are currently staffed. We are always willing to add more teams if we have volunteers to help run them.

Our season runs from September to April/May.

2007/2008 BOYS

Head Coach: Jacob Garcia

2009 GIRLS A

Head Coach: Nick LaFave

Assistant Coach: Michael Blair

2022 Ft. Lowell Shootout U13 Champions

2009 GIRLS B

Head Coach: Danny McDowell

Assistant Coach: Tabi Bolton

2010 BOYS A

Head Coach: Kirk Kinsey 
Assistant Coach: Joe Pendergast
Assistant Coach: Ben Becher

2021 Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tournament U12 Champions

2023 Spring Fling U13 Champions

2011 BOYS

Head Coach: Jacob Garcia

Assistant Coach: Jamie Turley

2012 BOYS

Head Coach: Kirk Kinsey
Assistant Coach:
Derrick Jackson
Assistant Coach: Peter Green

2022 Yavapai Cup U10 Champions

2022 Northern Arizona Invitational U10 Champions

2013 GIRLS

Head Coach: Roger Lohr

2013 BOYS

Head Coach: Jon Bordwell

Assistant Coach: James Yates

2023 Ft Lowell Shootout U10 Champions

2023 Northern Arizona Invitational U10 Champions

2014 GIRLS

Head Coach: Jamie Turley

2016/2017 COED ACADEMY

Head Coach: Patrick Clark

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