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Are You a Travel Soccer Team?

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

No. In fact, the term "travel soccer" is a dirty word at our club. Do we occasionally travel to play games and tournaments? Yes. The point of this club is to provide kids the opportunity to play more competitive soccer without the need to travel as often. We accept as many kids as we can register, charge them a low annual fee, and host regular scrimmages and friendlies here in town. As a general rule, we attempt to spend as much time on the field as we do in the car while traveling. Even though we do travel to a few tournaments each year, we are a soccer club. Our entire purpose is to afford more kids the opportunity to play.

Youth soccer in the United States has a problem with asking too much and pricing too many players out. High registration fees, demanding travel schedules, gate-keeping adults who close opportunities to players based on club affiliation. All of these things contribute to an environment that makes it harder for kids to simply play and learn the game.

In response, Flagstaff Revolution is a local soccer club. We realize that our situation as a smaller city in a remote area of the state presents special challenges to the players that are here. It's not convenient for families to have to drive to Phoenix every weekend, play one game, and drive right back. Does it make sense that you spend more time in the car than your player does on the field? It does not. We are not perfect but we strive to make playing the game we all love a little more convenient.

What does being a club mean? Being a club means that every team plays under the same crest, with a similar style of play, supports each other, and builds a community. One of the most rewarding aspects of helping to run Flagstaff Revolution is to see not only teams grow close, but the families involved form new friendships across the club. Being a club means we all support each other, regardless of which squad your child plays for within our club.

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