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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Flagstaff Unified School District reports having nearly 10,000 students across 16 public schools. Those schools offer a wide variety of opportunities to their students—allowing students and their families to choose the best fit based on their own needs and long-term goals. This intra-district competition allows for my child to choose the MIT-E program at Sinagua, others to choose the rigor of Basis, and still others to decide on the Alpine Leadership program at MEMS. This doesn’t dilute student talent, it doesn’t pit schools against each other, and it certainly doesn’t mean that any school shouldn’t exist simply because others do.

Flagstaff Revolution exists to provide players and families with an opportunity to participate in club soccer in a different way. Our main priority is the long-term development of our players. From a young age, we employ a training methodology and game model that encourages players to play as a team, recognize and exploit space on the field, and make smart decisions. We also strive to create an environment where players and their families can form friendships and bonds. These social connections have benefits both on and off the field. If you were to visit the Barcelona Academy in Casa Grande, AZ (or La Masia in Barcelona), you’d hear their coaches talk about “social superiority” in addition to the technical, positional, and numerical superiorities that they develop in players. Despite where the players end up as adults—whether professional footballers, engineers, astronauts, nurses, or otherwise—the memories and friendships will always be a part of them.

Our commitment to developing talented players is what drives everything we do. Over time, this focus leads to results: tournament wins, league titles, being a top high school player, and beyond. It’s not about simply finding the best players and putting them on a team together. Anybody can put together an all-star team. At Flagstaff Revolution, we take any player who is interested in the game and teach it to them and we do it at a price that doesn’t exclude anybody. This is what Flagstaff deserves.

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