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From Switzerland to Flagstaff Revolution

The following is a write-up from a member of our club who joined when his family moved from Switzerland to Flagstaff in 2022. Boas Pantli was a joy to have with us and though he's now moving back home, he's a part of our club and story.

I moved from Switzerland to Flagstaff for a few months and had the opportunity to join the Flagstaff Revolution Soccer Club. Under the coaching of Kirk, Joe and Ben I have learned more than in any other team before. The professionalism of the coaches as well as their commitment to bring out our very best was impressive. My team is really good and fun to play with. What was new to me, is the encouragement and the acknowledgment that each team member received.

Giving your very best and celebrating your team mates can revolutionize Soccer in Flagstaff as well as in Switzerland.

Thank you for letting me play on your team. I will invite you all when I will have my first game in the Swiss Super League. 😉


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