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My wife and I were searching for an opportunity for my son to relearn some old skills after five years of not touching a ball. I have spent most of my career as an educator with high standards and when I met Revolution coaches, I knew that was there. Our family appeals to a frame of mind that believes that only when we put limitations on ourselves are we actually limited. The hill is harder to climb when you're coming from behind, but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

One of the first things the director said, what was that they develop the players. It's not about getting a win, it's about developing a well rounded player. Simply put, that's basic culture building. We also did not want to be on a team that traveled every single weekend because we seek balance in our lives. Especially given the size of our family. While my son may not play on the tournament team because his skills have not caught up, he understands the value of building the skills and respects the fact that when he does get called app, he has earned it.

In the few months that my son has been on this team, his growth has been exponential. The club itself has provided many ancillary opportunities like skills nights and goalie training. We have taken advantage of every possible opportunity to allow Noah to catch up. As I watched my son play this Saturday in the scrimmage, I saw the dots beginning to connect. I saw his teammates begin to trust him when they pass the ball to him. He made plenty of mistakes, and the coaches worked with him to understand what he needs to do to improve.

We appreciate the high standards that are delivered on the field. Because high standards drive big results. Make no mistake though that the high standards are accompanied with a passion for growth and a constant understanding of where the player is at the time. The coaches do not expect more than the player can provide. But they do expect the highest level of effort. If that is what they see, then they reward that. And if they don't see it, they call it out.

We have now added our daughter to the mix with another team. We are very proud to support the yellow and blue of the Flagstaff Revolution soccer club. Thanks for having us and we are excited to watch our kids grow!

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